How To Make A Six-figure Income As A Realtor Without Working 80 Hours A Week Or Neglecting Your Family

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    Unlock your potential to succeed in your real estate career.

    We are a Real Estate Team focused on creating a World Class Client Experience, having meaningful work shared with people we like and trust, and creating financial success without sacrificing what is most important to us.

    REQUIREMENTS: Must have an active real estate license
    JOB TYPE: Commission


1. Admin Support

What you get:

  • Drafting paperwork, including offers, amendments, listing paperwork, etc.
  • Deal submissions to Brokerage / Lawyers
  • Preparation of Sale of Property and Purchase of Property checklists
  • Feedback calls on your Listings
  • Listing process support (pics, exclusive listing with video promo, Open house, postcards, local brand leverage for open house goodies)
  • Moving concierge, coordinating storage/movers
  • Deal Flow Emails
  • Promote exclusive listings via email newsletter/social media/Kijiji & FB

We provide administrative support to assist our Realtors with various tasks. This support is essential for our Realtors, enabling them to focus on fieldwork with clients and preserve their energy for what is most important. Thanks to this assistance, our team operates with seamless efficiency, allowing our Realtors to consistently present their best efforts each day. 

2. Lead Generation (Paid / Organic)

What you get: 

  • Google ads lead generation, average 50-100/month
  • In house ISA to respond to new leads and book appointments
  • Profile on
  • Sending out newsletters / videos / exclusive listings to leads

With an Internal Sales Agent leveraging our CRM system, we promptly reach out to leads the moment they express interest on our website. This strategy ensures that every lead undergoes crucial stages like becoming a hot prospect or receiving nurturing. Our approach involves expert-led coaching programs, coupled with Google Ads lead generation, consistently bringing in an average of 50-100 new leads each month. Through the combination of Google Ads, and our Internal Sales Agent, we've achieved successful deals on numerous leads.

3. Marketing

What you get:

  • Video content creation on site (filming, editing, posting)
  • Writing captions, posting on Socials
  • Clip vertical shorts from long form content
  • Youtube Channel Creation, posting on all other platforms
  • Design of marketing materials (flyers, open house cards, sold cards, just listed, sold social posts. )
  • Use of podcast studio and being feature on Team podcast

We have an in-house Content Manager, who specializes in content creation, video editing, and marketing. Each of our Realtors have a dedicated YouTube channel, where they showcase long-form content and reels. Our Content Manager designs marketing materials, including flyers, open house postcards, sold postcards, just-listed announcements, and more. We also handle social media posts on behalf of our Realtors. Through dedication and hard work, our Team utilizes a YouTube channel with nearly 2,900 subscribers and counting. This channel serves as a dynamic platform to spotlight properties, investor conversion projects, and other noteworthy endeavors.

4. Mentorship / Sales Training

What you get: 

  • Weekly one on one Mentorship
  • Bi Weekly Team Sales Training
  • Discuss urgent issues
  • Share Best Practices and troubleshoot deals
  • Listing Presentation & Training

Our Sales Coach conducts personalized one-on-one training sessions with our Realtors. These sessions involve discussions on various scenarios that may arise, seeking advice, and sharing best practices. We offer specialized training on how to Win Listing Presentations, be chosen as a Buyer Agent, and how to work with Real Estate Investors.